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Address Fabric is a current and comprehensive list of all known country addresses. Each record is pre-geocoded to provide the most precise latitude and longitude coordinate location, including physical locations that are not deliverable by the postal service. The data is delivered in an easy to use flat file format that can be loaded into any database and analytics environment, or used with Pitney Bowes software such as MapInfo Pro™ and Spectrum™.

Each record contains the street address, coordinate location, FIPS code, U.S. Census information, and property type information for that addressable location.  Address genealogy known as parent/child relationships for primary and secondary addresses such as units, suites, and apartments are also included. Records are then assigned our unique and persistent identifier called the pbKey™ that can be used for data management and exchange, or appending enriched contextual information such as demographics, psychographics, property tax, and risk factors. With the pbKey, it’s possible to reference an address without storing the whole address string. Like a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) number or unique Employer Identification Number (EIN), the pbKey is definitive.

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  • Manage internal address data with a single source of truth
  • Visualize address locations on a map
  • Utilize for site selection of new assets or network expansion 
  • Delineate new service or catchment areas 
  • Find new customers or upsell to existing clients through look-alike analysis
  • Append enriched data to the address through the pbKey, such as points of interest, property assessment and risk factors, demographics, and more
  • Use as a direct mailing list


  • Complete nationwide coverage, to provide the most comprehensive, current, and accurate location listings
  • Multi-sourced, pre-geocoded address file
  • Contains parsed street address with the highest precision coordinate available
  • Each address record is assigned a pbKey, a unique and persistent identifier
  • Available in an open flat file for flexible usage and conversion into any format
  • Includes Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS), U.S. Census codes, and property type classification
  • Provides parent/child relationships to associate buildings to their secondary addresses (units, apartments, and suites)
  • Includes change log files


Over 177M high precision address locations.  Records include:

  • pbKey™ unique and persistent identifier
  • Address information
  • Location information (latitude & longitude)
  • FIPS and Census code information
  • Location accuracy codes to convey the positional accuracy of the address point
  • Parent/child address relationships (units, apartments, suites)
  • Property type information (business vs residential)


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