Arena Boundaries provides a geographic boundary representing the physical extent of arena facilities across the United States. The data shows primary and secondary buildings along with facility-managed parking for venues typically utilized for sports, entertainment or other public events. Additional attributes include geographic references, location information, name and arena event affiliations.


  • Target mobile messaging: Reach event attendees by pushing notification coupons and promotions with predefined event venue geofences.
  • Track consumer behavior: Marketers can identify habits, patterns, and trends by understanding a customer’s precise location.
  • Evaluate real estate: Commercial and residential real estate agents can assess how the proximity to an arena can impact buying decisions.
  • Add the geographic context of arena boundaries to any existing spatial information.


  • Attribute table contains regular and ongoing sporting and event affiliations associated with an arena. Includes both the professional affiliation (organization) and event name. One-time use or mixed venues like concerts or concert series are not available.
  • Change table detailing of adds/deletes/changes from last release
  • Quarterly updates detailing where changes and coverage expansion have occurred


  • Arena Boundaries incorporates over 760 arenas nationwide including commercial arenas, municipal civic centers, fairgrounds, college arenas, and exposition centers.


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