CallingAreaInfo represents the local calling plans available to business and residential customers when calling from or into a given location. Calling plans determine which phone numbers can call each other with respect to a specific plan, and corresponding rates. Most local exchange carriers offer more than one calling plan for each NPA/NXX combination they serve.

Advanced data and geographic visualization capabilities make it easy to identify, analyze and understand local calling plans and rate structures for specific geographic regions.

CallingAreaInfo also lists the number plan areas (NPAs) and NXXs (the first three digits of the phone number after the area code) and associated rates.


  • Map and visualize local calling area information to understand the network better.
  • Perform an analysis starting with NPA/NXX, rate center or exchange name.
  • Access calling plan data directly.
  • Create maps without the need for a separate mapping application.
  • Assess overall coverage for more effective network planning and marketing programs.
  • Quickly resolve calling plan-related billing inquiries.



Examine the local calling plan for an outbound call’s origin.


Identify and map the exchanges that include a specific location in their calling plans.


  • Exchange regions
  • Carrier information
  • Local call plan information
  • NPA/NXX details


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