Gfk CRESTA Zones

Catastrophic Risk Evaluating and Standardizing Target Accumulations (CRESTA) Zones datasets are critical for reinsurance companies when negotiating and conducting an extensive portfolio analysis. These global CRESTA boundaries are widely accepted as standard throughout the insurance industry.


  • Determine country-specific zones for the uniform and detailed reporting of exposure related to natural hazards.
  • Promote a template to exchange exposure data in the industry based on the ACORD standard.
  • Identify clearly defined aggregation zones to more efficiently exchange aggregate data, which assists with:
    • Catastrophe pricing models that rely on aggregated input data.
    • Instances in which a provider is unwilling to disclose full data details. 
    • Cases where complete data may not be exchanged (e.g. for legal/antitrust reasons).


  • CRESTA Zones are provided and updated for 244 countries to support worldwide risk aggregation.


The product contains object layers and additional tables for:

  • High- and Low-resolution boundaries
  • Level 1 Admin boundaries
  • Admin and Postal CRESTA assignment table


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