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EmergencyInfo Pro is a database of police, fire, and emergency medical service (EMS) service areas throughout the US. This data enables a more comprehensive analysis of the service landscape. In addition to the basic information provided in PSAP Pro®, EmergencyInfo Pro supplies unique contact information for each service category, an added value for companies that need direct contact to the authority with jurisdiction.


  • Allows users to understand the services that cover their network
  • Makes it easy to determine the serving PSAP for a given location, such as an address, cell tower, market or coverage area, quickly and efficiently
  • Provides consistent, up-to-date information
  • Eliminates the need to contact individual states or counties to collect information about each authority
  • Supplies corresponding FCC registry ID where applicable
  • Conforms to FCC 911 regulatory requirements
  • Provides assisted emergency dialing
  • Enables network planning and provisioning
  • Offers call center telematics
  • Supports Voice over IP (VoIP)


EmergencyInfo Pro includes:

  • Geographic depictions of the statutory coverage area of PSAP, Police, Fire, EMS
  • Primary contact information for federal, state, local and/or regional entities
  • Secondary contact information (where available)


  • Precise boundaries of police, fire and EMS service locations
  • Detailed contact information for every PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point)
  • Additional in-depth contact information for each authority when the PSAP has requested direct contact
  • Data is provided two ways for ease of use:
    • A single, comprehensive file containing all entities
    • Separate files for each entity


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