GBPro 500™

GBPro 500™ contains 23 layers of data for Great Britain, including county boundaries, airports, railways, national parks, urban areas, motorways, rivers, and lakes, to name just a few.

The MapInfoProfessional workspace makes GBPro 500™ easy to use and understand. The workspace displays and labels each layer at an optimal zoom level. The GBPro 500™ workspace uses a wide variety of display styles so that you can easily distinguish between the layers. All of the symbols are displayed in one location: the Key Map.


  • Includes street data for routing, visualization, pinpointing addresses and calculating drive times
  • Provides coverage in a consistent format for Great Britain
  • Ensures timely, highly accurate data via regular updates
  • Supports enterprise-wide integration from the desktop level to corporate GIS and beyond
  • Works seamlessly within the Pitney Bowes product suite
  • Includes configuration files for Pitney Bowes environments to produce modern, cartographically pleasing maps


  • Concise mapping of Great Britain
  • Key Map as the single location for symbols
  • MapInfo Workspace included
  • British National Grid co-ordinates to one metre resolution
  • Provides 1:500K vector and raster map data of Great Britain 
  • Styled in the cartographic styles familiar to users of a Great Britain road atlas for quick and easy visualisation and printing of high quality maps


GBPro 500™ includes the following feature layers:
  • A Roads
  • Areas of Interest
  • B Roads
  • Background
  • Cities
  • Coast
  • Counties
  • International Airports
  • Land
  • Large Lakes
  • Large Rivers
  • Major Railway Stations
  • Major Railways
  • Motorway Junctions
  • Motorway Service Areas
  • Motorways
  • National Boundaries
  • Parks
  • Primary Roads
  • Settlements
  • Small Towns
  • Towns
  • Urban Areas


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