Hospitals delineates general care hospitals with 24-hour emergency services and specialty hospital types (such as VA and Cancer) located in the United States.

All hospital boundaries are individually sourced and built to specifications that capture the primary hospital campus, including the main hospital building as well as patient and visitor parking. Where appropriate, satellite facilities (such as long-term residential care, clinics and administration buildings) are also identified.


Real estate decisions

Homebuyers and businesses seek communities with convenient proximity to healthy lifestyle opportunities and easy access to medical care facilities. Proximity to a hospital can be a key selling point.

Emergency response

Process information and manage logistics during emergencies. Support the dissemination of information to responders during an emergency event.

Disaster planning

Model and forecast disaster events, developing the knowledge and support mechanisms for early warning, mitigation and response planning.

Direct marketing

Geofences around hospitals enable precision targeting and notification messaging, leading to increased customer engagement and sales conversions.


  • Attributes include hospital contact information, the physical address, phone number and URL.
  • Hospital classification codes indicate hospital types (e.g. Rehabilitation, Emergency and Veterans hospitals).
  • Entry point coordinates indicate main and emergency entrances to hospital campuses.
  • Change table details adds/deletes/changes from last release.
  • Quarterly updates detail where changes and coverage expansion have occurred.


  • Hospitals provides data and attributes for more than 6,000 acute, specialty and emergency care hospitals and VA medical centers in the US and over 600 emergency hospitals in Canada.
  • Hospital address, URL, phone information and entry point coordinates for main and emergency entrances are provided.


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