Ordnance Survey AddressBase®

AddressBase from Ordnance Survey provides a coordinate and unique property reference number (UPRN) for each address in Great Britain. This nationwide address file classifies each address as either residential or commercial and provides a variety of additional property attributes.


AddressBase makes it easy to link additional information about a property to a single address and locate it on a map.

Business Intelligence

Explore data more effectively by cross-referencing a wide range of information sources.


Target customers and prospects more accurately.

Financial services

Gain more insight into fraud risk and improve regulatory compliance.

Infrastructure planning

Know where new homes and offices are going to be built.


Available in four versions, depending on the level of detail and coverage required:
  • AddressBase matches the 28 million Royal Mail postal address file records to local authority unique property reference numbers (UPRN), and classifies each address as residential or commercial.
  • AddressBase Plus includes 6 million additional addresses, providing up-to-date local authority address data, multi-occupancy addresses and OS MasterMap TOID references along with Royal Mail PAF data.
  • AddressBase Premium provides the most up-to-date, accurate information for 40 million addresses. Coverage includes current, historic and planned addresses as well as properties, alternative property names and land areas where services are provided.
  • AddressBase Islands offers the property lifecycle detail and cross-referencing possibilities of AddressBase Premium for Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. An AddressBase Plus version is also available.


United Kingdom
Release schedule
Every 6 weeks
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