StreetPro™ Traffic

StreetPro Traffic aligns probe data collated from mobile and navigation devices with street segments to provide relative traffic volumes by time of day, day of week and month. StreetPro Traffic is available standalone or as an add-on pack compatible with StreetPro Navigation Premium.


  • Transportation planning: Can be used as an input to traffic modelling processes that utilize actual traffic volumes in combination with StreetPro Navigation Premium
  • Analyze road networks: Detailed information related to street class, lanes, and speeds
  • Retail site selection: Provides comparative traffic volumes to visualize which roads in a region carry the heaviest traffic by time of day and understand congestion patterns
  • Logistics and routing: Compares traffic volumes by time of day, to understand how the volume of traffic changes throughout the day


  • Provides indicative traffic volumes for a wide variety of planning and analysis applications
  • Covers more than 50 countries with consistently structured data
  • Offers complete coverage of each country, including urban streets, highways and rural roads
  • Includes detailed instructions for use in a variety of databases and systems


  • Probe counts for each of the previous 12 months
  • A unique ID that links counts to street segments in StreetPro products
  • Counts per hour in 24-hour time buckets
  • Counts for weekday and weekend
  • Average counts across the preceding 12 months for weekday and weekend by hour of day


Release schedule
Quarterly, Bi-annually, Annually
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