US Municipal Boundaries

US Municipal Boundaries contains up-to-date information on the boundaries of incorporated municipalities. It is updated quarterly to include new incorporations, annexations, de-annexations, mergers, consolidations, dis-incorporations, and/or dissolution of local governmental entities. Updates ensure that US Municipal Boundaries aligns with StreetPro™ and other census-derived data. 

NOTE: The US Municipal Boundary dataset may only be used internally for determining tax jurisdictions. It cannot be sold for tax jurisdiction applications or as part of a resold product or service.



Properly calculate tax rates by jurisdiction.


Assign sales tax for mobile services.


Calculate premium taxes for most states.

Site selection

Determine applicable municipal ordinances.

Risk assessment

Visually analyze and track high risk areas.

Customer relations

Save time and resources by targeting specific municipalities.


  • Change log file indicates where changes were made with each release
  • Data corresponds to Census TIGER/Line files
  • Data enhancement to ensure consistent overlay characteristics
  • Premium tax assignments for most states
  • Property tax assignment to leased assets
  • Compatible with other Census Boundaries products
  • Compatible with StreetPro


  • Municipal Boundary Layer
  • Municipal Inventory (Points)
  • State, County and Place FIPS code


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