World Premium Points of Interest Plus USA - Consumer

The World Premium Points of Interest Plus USA - Consumer dataset provides high accuracy location and detailed company information for a diverse set of consumer-focused retail and service businesses, leisure and geographic features and landmarks in the US. The points are geocoded at the rooftop level using Pitney Bowes Master Location Data and appended with the pbKey™ for cross-functionality with other datasets.

With coverage of more than 14 million consumer-focused POIs, users can gain valuable insight into businesses and brands to make better-informed business decisions regarding:

  • Risk analysis
  • Access to services or recreation facilities
  • Store location
  • Location-based marketing
  • “Find my nearest” searches


  • Curated using the most accurate geocoder
  • High-quality, internationally consistent POI datasets
  • Facilitates a thorough review of business information, from analysis to action
  • Offers the best overall value in a US business database
  • Enables comprehensive business and service analysis
  • Provides current and relevant business data for use across multiple industries
  • Helps users analyze market opportunities and assess competitive threats


  • Classified using both Pitney Bowes MiCode and Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes
  • Cross-referenced to create hierarchical relationships between related POIs
  • Includes the pbKey™ unique identifier for easier joining and data management
  • Enhanced brand name standardization identifies POIs with their common brand
  • Updated monthly to ensure the most current business and location data
  • POI locations identified using Pitney Bowes industry leading Master Location Data
  • A consistent data structure within countries and across international borders
  • Pipe delimited text file format provides for easy integration
  • Synchronized with the World Premium POI, Drivetime and Pedestrian Isochrone datasets
  • Financial stress scores and delinquency scores available for the US and Canada
  • Includes Geo-Enhancement Module (GEM) lookup table providing cross reference to parcel APN and PBKEY so detailed property information can be retrieved based on POI PB_ID
  • Includes Census lookup table with full Census Block ID making detailed US census information available based on the POI PB_ID


The hierarchical POI classification scheme ensures global consistency and ease of use. Access more than 19,000 business categories including:
  • Transportation
  • Shopping
  • Education
  • Public utilities
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Government entities
  • Eating and drinking
  • Police, fire and hospitals
  • Retail banking
  • Accommodation
  • Recreation
POIs are identified by a unique and persistent reference number that provides consistency across releases. Each record contains 70 distinct attribute fields, including:
  • Unique record identifier
  • Postal address
  • Name
  • Name alias
  • Brand name
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Web address and email
  • pbKey™
  • Longitude and latitude (WGS 84 Datum)
  • Highest ranking manager
  • Standard Industry Classification code and descriptions
  • Revenue numbers
  • Domestic and global parent company names and contact information


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